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These culture sheets are based on our 40+ years of enjoying, observing, reading about, and talking, with other growers, about orchids. Please realize that these informational sheets are necessarily general. They are not by any means the definitive answers to orchid growing. They are posted here in the hopes that our experiences may help some other orchid grower. Remember that elements of any cultural program are interrelated, i.e, temperature and light conditions may dictate different watering and fertilizing practices. Good growers observes responses in their plants. always trying to find the best location in the growing space and the best combination of cultural practices.These informational sheets are just broad guidelines and should be adapted to your cultural environment, as you are the "expert" on your growing conditions.

For convenience and brevity, some genera sharing similiar cultural requirements, but not necessarily similiar genetic characteristics, have been "lumped" together. The generic cultural sheet , for other genera, follow in parenthesis. Species listing and quick care info listings are in green. Additional cultural information, particularly about hybrids among the genera, may be obtained by review of literature suggested under 'Recommended Reading' at the end of each cultural sheet. Hybrid information may be found by using the website search engine, as separate cultural information may be on the site. You are welcome to download these informational sheets and use them for personal use. Publication rights will be granted, upon request and a credit line to C.L.A.N. Tropicals. Comments and questions are always welcomed. New window opens, Close New Window to return here. Happy Growing.

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